What is Bouldering
Bouldering is a type of rock climbing performed with no ropes, on relatively low surfaces (typically boulders, hence the name). The focus tends to be more on technicality and strength than endurance, and the "problems" (bouldering routes) are typically rather short and intense.

Bouldering can be done both indoors (at climbing gyms) and outdoors, and only a minimal amount of equipment is needed to get started (i.e., chalk and shoes). Also, because bouldering doesn't require ropes, it doesn't necessitate having a partner to belay, making the sport all the more approachable.

Most bouldering is done over "crash pads" (cushioned mats to help break your fall if you come off a climb). Portable crash pads are brought along for outdoor bouldering and indoor bouldering will have the floor covered in mats to start with.

Bouldering is a very fun, addictive sport, it challenges both your mind and body, and comes packaged in a very social, enjoyable, and supportive community. By all means, chalk up and give it a try!

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