Thai Lunch and Toilets

My Thai friend, Orr, stayed over at our place Friday night so we ended up twisting her arm and making her make lunch for us yesterday. First of all, the shopping:

Then the food:

It’s was my first time having home cooked Thai food but wow, it was super-fucking-delicious. It also does a really good job of clearing your sinuses.

Anyhow, Orr took off yesterday for the rest of her Japan trip and we just kind of bummed around the rest of the day. We ended up watching “The Golden Compass” at night (which was decently good), and then today, we headed out to yet another showroom to look at toilets. Exciting!


Ever since I got out of college, I have seemed to have this problem trying to figure out where I’m going in life. From what I hear, a lot of others seem to be in the same boat though. Life was easy for me in college because I wasn’t forced to think too hard about where I was headed. I already had my general goal set out for me: to finish school, to get a job of some sorts afterward. Shit, the biggest decisions I had to make in school were what major to take and whether I wanted to go abroad to Japan for a year or not — both of which I decided on pretty much a whim.

Oddly enough though, even the big decisions I made after graduation weren’t all that hard. I picked up a job and decided to pack up my life to move to a different country without batting an eyelash. These days I can’t even decide on what type of toothpaste I want to use.

I think a lot of it is that once you come far enough, it gets kind of hard to think of things you want to do, mainly because you have just already come from so much and you’re so busy maintaining everything you have, you really just don’t have the time and energy to spare like you did when you were younger. That and you have a lot more to lose. I kind of hate that. There is really so much more I would like to do. I even know what a lot of it is if not all of it. I just find it hard to attack things with the vigor that I used to. Or maybe I am, but the progression is just so much slower that I get to feeling I’m not getting anywhere.

The thing is this: I keep getting in these modes where I’m telling myself internally that I don’t know where I am going when the fact is I actually have a pretty damn good idea of where I would like to be. It’s just much more of a balancing act than it used to be and it’s something I am going to eventually have to learn how to get better at.

Or maybe I’m just talking out of my ass. That’s probably more likely.


We picked up a rental car this morning and spent the day driving around looking at houses. We are still, still trying to decide on what we want to do with the outside of our house (and of course having to do so within a rather strict budget). Anyhow, today ended up being rather educational. The siding we were originally considering didn’t look as good as we assumed it would, and a sample we saw at the builders that we didn’t like all that much turned out to look surprisingly decent. So at the moment, we are leaning towards the latter and still mulling over what color we want.

On a totally different subject, I have been rather enjoying TwitPic. It’s really cool to be able to post random photos from my cell phone whenever. I might have to look into upgrading my cell phone plan if I keep it up at this rate. Anyhow, I have added links to my TwitPic feed on the sidebar and on the photography page* so check in from time to time if your interested.

* Update 01.24.2012: The photography page was taken down when this blog went down at the end of last year.

Annual Haircut

My spell checker was doing it’s best to change the title of this post to “Anal Haircut.” Not really what I was going after but granted, my hits to this website would probably increase significantly overnight.

So yeah, I finally got around to getting my hair cut. I couldn’t decide if I wanted it short or long so I just said screw it, kept the front longish and cut the back real short, and now I just look like an asshole (hence the before mentioned mistake by my spell checker — it was just trying to be helpful). In all seriousness though, it’s a bit different than what I usually do and I kind of like that. Change is always good. You know, that is when it isn’t horrible.

So I did the healthy thing today and walked to the hairdressers rather than taking the train (while smoking). I also brought my little camera along and took some pictures to keep me entertained. I kinda like these:

In princess news, we picked her up this cute not-yukata today. I say “not-yukata” because when I called it a yukata, the wifey was quick to point out it is actually a some-word-I-forgot because it’s not one piece; it has pants and a top. Ah, there it is, it’s called a jinbei. So there you go.


Just a quick post to fill in details for the last week. My life is moving so quickly these days it’s hard to write about it all. Which is fine of course, but it leaves me feeling a bit behind for some reason.

Me taking a picture of Kay taking a picture of her fish:

Luckily we got to meet up once more before she went back to Hong Kong. She came out to my work area and I took an extended lunch break. I hadn’t seen her in probably over five years but it felt like we were still roommates.

Place where a house should eventually go:

“Eventually” is the key word. At least for now we have a campground. If worse comes to worse we could always buy a tent.


For when you absolutely must by toilet paper by the pallet.

Seems the princess has caught yet another cold. She has a hell of a fever today. She has already woken up three times tonight and the wifey is in there right now trying to get her to sleep again. Poor girl. There is something about a baby’s cry (when their in real misery that is, not when they are just being bitchy), that breaks your heart.

Blue Man Group

I┬ásurprised┬áthe wifey with some tickets to go see the Blue Man Group out in Roppongi on Saturday afternoon. They were utterly fantastic! For those of you who haven’t ever seen em, you really should. It’s an utterly hilarious show, and the music was down right awesome.

They definitely get points for originality. There was also a lot of tongue-in-cheek satire, mainly centered on modern technological advancement and the level of social complication that has resulted from such. That little sliver of underlying seriousness added for even more thickness to the show. They say a lot for not saying anything at all.

Me and Electrical Discharge

I picked up the new Shiina Ringo album this weekend, Watashi to houden (“Me and Electrical Discharge”). It’s a two disk set and I have listened up until the middle of the second CD. I will probably hear the rest on my train ride back from work today.

So far, I do really like it. It’s original, creative, and the songs are rather sophisticated. As a first impression, the first three songs on the second CD are more like the stuff she did in earlier albums: overly processed (in a good way) rock/pop with a funky rhythm track and her now somewhat signature ‘r’ slurring, intriguing lyrics, etc. Most of the tracks on the first CD are a bit more progressive and are amazing, but probably aren’t something I would realistically listen to over and over again in my iPod. She still seems to be doing her own thing though, so I’m happy to see that. She has always been a bit eccentric, and that’s an utter rarity in mainstream music over here.

Other mess I’ve been up to:

Just finished studying level seven of the Kanji proficiency tests and I plan on working on level six from tomorrow (probably going to take me forever to get through it though). I finished reading Douglas Adams’ “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” today, and while it was just as entertaining as “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” for me, I have to admit that the ending kind of stunk of “fuck this for now, I’m just going to randomly close this one up.” The ending was a bit disappointing; just kind of fell flat on it’s face. Luckily I have the rest of the series sitting on my shelf to look forward to. Oh, and the wifey and I started watching “Heros” recently. It’s terribly cheesy but oddly entertaining (and surprisingly addictive). We just finished the 6th episode last night so maybe we can watch another one or two tonight depending on when the princess sleeps.

Five Minutes

The princess just went to take a nap so I have, oh, maybe five minutes to write this post I expect. This weekend has been rather uneventful for the most part. The wifey and I went out to meet the architect yesterday. We got a lot done but it looks like we still have a pile of stuff left. Kind of wondering if we will ever get finished.

Not too much going on today. I updated the fit site a bit but that’s about it besides playing with the princess. And totally off subject but I’m utterly sick of this blog’s theme but way too lazy to update it. Bah.