Sichuan Style Tofu with Mushrooms

Been trying to find some new healthy recipes and gave this one a shot:

It’s pretty easy: stir-fry garlic and scallions quickly in canola oil, add mushrooms and continue for a min. Then put that aside, cook tofu cubes in another pan for about three mins, and then pour in the vegetables, add a scoop of Sichuan Sauce (I used ten men jyan) stir-fry for another minute, and voila.

The taste is… well, it’s decent and I would eat it myself but it’s probably nothing I would set out to impress my friends with for example. “Not bad,” is probably the best way to put it.

As for calories and portion size:

Using a 300g block of tofu, 100g of mushrooms, and about 8 scallions, it came out to be around 2 decent sized servings at around 520 calories — which means about 260 calories a serving which is very low! It’s also vegetarian I guess if you’re into that sort of thing.

Food, Yet Again

What is it about being unemployed that puts me in the mood to make dinner? Last night I tried out making some cheesy garlic bread stick thingys. We met up with Maggie for lunch but I forced her to stay for dinner being as I fucked up the recipe and ended up having to make a metric shit-ton of dough to compensate for the water I poured in.

This is just plate one by the way. I purposely made the bread a bit thick so I could manage to fit it in the oven.

Today, the wifey headed out with the princess to let her play with her friend in the park and I stayed back home to try to get some work done. I was a bit exhausted from staying up too late the night before though so I didn’t manage as much as I wanted, but I guess I did handle a little bit — better than nothing anyway.

Oh yeah, and I’m loving the new Eminem CD. I’m pretty sure comment attack  squads across the globe are going to kill me for saying this but I think it’s one of my favorite albums from him so far. Seriously.

Speaking of Eminem, holy shit.

Wait through to the second verse by the way, it’s well worth it — it shouldn’t be humanly possible to freestyle that well.