fit – “Cheer Up Indies Vol. 24” Wrap-up

Well, what’s to say — we had a blast as always. We even manged to get some chat time in with some of the other bands (which always seems to be a rather difficult feat to accomplish for some reason). As with last time we played at Eggman, the genres of the bands were pretty widespread, but I really enjoyed the variety. We even got to exchange info with some of the guys, so maybe if we get lucky we will all be able to get together in some form or another in the near future.

Masato taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him, during sound check

So yep, a big thanks again for both all the people who came out, and for all the support from those who couldn’t. We got another show coming up on the 27th at Yotsuya Outbreak and we hope to see ya there!


It’s only eight days into the year but it feels like a month has gone by already given how much has been going on. Life is just moving so insanely fast these days my fingertips are turning white from trying to hang on.

Lorne’s still not back from Canada yet so the rest of us fit guys got together at my place for a few beers. The plan is to start up practice again from next week. I’ve been doing a lot of work on the website and whatnot and have got quite a lot accomplished, but I still have an humongous backlog to take care of — it has been all just kind of sitting there for months now. We also have a concert coming up on the 31st at Eggman of which the details will be posted as I get them. It looks like it is going to be a terribly interesting event though.

Anyhow, in short, I’m just keeping crazy busy. I’m about eight chapters into “Choke” now, still studying Kanji (currently working on level 6), still working on finishing the editing for my novel, still staying up way too late every night and getting very little sleep to get everything done, still being ridiculously busy at work, and still…

Never mind, I ran out of shit to list.

Good Session

Band practice went really well this week. We ended up getting a hell of a lot done. First of all, we finally worked out “Lucy.” The second part of the verses had been bothering Masato and I for a while and we finally got it changed to something everyone could agree on. We actually changed it last week as well but listening to the mp3 from the studio, it just wasn’t right yet. We ended up leaving Masato’s new bass line in (which is really nice) and I completely changed the drum part up. I think it works really well now, and it flows nicely.

Second of all, we made yet another new song. We were just jamming as always and the song pretty much made itself. The chorus, verses, and melody were solid right from the beginning and all four of us were really into it. It’s simple, straight, a bit poppy, and it really reminds me of the feeling we had when we first jammed out “Escape These Moments.” It just kind of came together naturally and we all felt really good about it. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to working out some of the details next week.

Masato and Emi dropped by our place last night for a few beers and it so felt like a Friday night all of a sudden. We just chatted, got pizza (again), and hung out. Really wish we all could hang more often. I think we need to get another fit-and-friends drinking party planned for one day soon.

Anyways, things just never seem to cool down and the wifey and I have yet another packed weekend to look forward to. And house looking of course. We are going to check out more lots this go round.

Wii and Recording

Lorne and Maggie came over on Saturday to “write lyrics” which essentially means we got plastered and played Wii Sports until four o’clock in the morning. We did get some lyrics wrote though, at about 1:30 or so in the morning, and Lorne finished the rest while Taka was taking his guitar solo.

The recording, as a result, turned out pretty well. I was having a bit of an off day and the drum track just wasn’t sounding like I wanted it to, but ultimately, I just kind of said “fuck it,” stopped thinking about all the little technical aspects I wanted to get in, and just improvised through it. It actually sounded a hell of a lot better when I did so. It was far from perfect, but a lot closer to what I wanted.

We had a couple of minor issues, one being that the ending was coming out sounding terribly flat and boring when we put it down. It always sounded good to us live, but you know, that’s just how these things go. We decided to change up the drum part so I abandoned my cool little double bass thingy and just randomly beat the shit out of everything I could get my hands on.

That seemed to work.

Anyways, I have tons of pictures and video and whatever but I also have a backlog longer than my penis so it’s going to take me a decade to get around to it all. It will all surface in some form, somewhere, one of these days, probably, and I will make sure to keep everyone updated.