Harry Potter

Well, I finished reading my pre-ordered copy of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” so I guess it is about time for me to give my obligatory, amateur critique. Don’t worry though, no spoilers here. It’s not like I write for the New York Times or something.

I enjoyed this book quite a lot — probably much more than the last few in the Harry Potter series. It did have one or two slow sections, but all in all the editing was done a lot better than say, “The Goblet of Fire,” which in my opinion could have done without about 200 pages or so. For the most part, it stayed high pace — occasionally a little too high paced, and I had to go back and reread sections so I could catch all the subtleties. I was really impressed at how a lot of seemingly insignificant characters and episodes from previous books were picked up on and used in this book. Some of them were simply a nod to the fanatics, but a lot of them actually had a place in supporting the main story line. I also loved the way Snape’s character played out. Snape has always been one of my favorite characters, just in that he was always presented as being so conflicted and complicated in comparison with the others. This book presents a surprisingly simple, slightly unexpected back-story for him that fits perfectly, and to me it was really good.

All in all, there were a few leaps of logic and flow that seemed to be a bit distracting (one of them being a primary requisite for the climax) but they weren’t so bad as to distract from the fun. The logical perfectionist in me wanted a couple of details to have been closed tighter than they were, but for a seven book series, I have to say it closed pretty damn tight. One thought though: the very last section of the book? Didn’t fucking need it. It really should have been scrapped in my opinion. Of course then again it isn’t my book so what can you do.

In short, if you like Harry Potter, I think you will really like the new book. Then again if you like Harry Potter, you have probably already bought it and read it by now.

So, um, why am I writing this again?

Data Loss

After getting finished with my last bolg entry, I went outside to smoke, came back in, and was greeted by the notorious BSOD (“Blue Screen of Death”). No problem I figured, I’m a Windows user so I’m used to it by now. I turned off the power to my computer, turned it back on and, um, the fucker wasn’t booting. Tried a few more times with the same result. Played around with some disk tools as well but no luck. My RAID array is totally fucked. And it took with it about 5-6 months worth of data that I hadn’t backed up yet — that I had actually planned on backing up that night before I went to sleep.

Did I mention I hate fucking computers?

Here is the kicker: I had just got finished with taking over 100 pictures with the wifey that day. And of course I had already formatted my memory card after copying the photos over to my PC. Absoulutly magnificent timing I tell ya.

So, I was of course in a pissy mood all night and the next day, but I think I have finally gotten over it. That’s about all I can do though. Being pissed off isn’t going to get my data back anyways.



I just downloaded the Sage plug-in for Firefox 2 because I wanted to play around with the idea of using a feed reader, and I realized I already have an RSS feed setup on this site. I’m assuming it is set up by default with WordPress. Anyways, if you are one of those people still using IE, I would suggest giving Firefox 2 a try. It’s a fantastic browser. And I really like Sage so far. It is really easy to use. And then you can of course add my feed. Because I have one. And because it would make me happy. And because it would probably make my blog happy too.

Speaking of browsers, I found out that IE is having major issues with my photo gallery template. No other browsers are, but that is to be expected I guess. I have converted the gallery back to a more standard format and it seems to be working for the most part. I just don’t like how it looks very much. I will probably play around with it a bit more when I get time.

Oh, and I crushed my USB Flash Drive yet again. And then fixed it, kind of, yet again. I seem to have very bad luck with these things.

And in my final bit of nerdy news about shit that no one really cares about (including myself), I incorporated the RSS feed from this site into my profile on mixi (which is kind of like the horrendous train wreck that is MySpace — only in Japanese). So if anyone is coming here from over on that side of the planet (and actually reading this even though it is in English), um, hello there. I promise I will write some Japanese entries every now and again. And everybody else will just have to put up with the occasional post with lots of weird junk characters. Either that or install Japanese fonts and learn Japanese, which of course I don’t think is too much to ask for.

Anyhow, i’m about to go to band practice in another hour. This is going to be the last of two rehearsals, three counting a session I plan on doing with Masato, the bassist, before our recording on the 30th. I still have a couple of rough spots I want to work through but generally speaking, I think everything is coming together. I’ll have more updates soon.