We had a pretty slow day for the most part. We got up early as usual and spent the morning mainly just cleaning up from last night’s party. The princess laid down for her nap and the wifey and I ended up passing out even before she did. We got a good couple hours of sleep in, which was really nice.

We took a quick walk out to the lot today and found that the foundation has really been coming along. Most of the concrete with the exception of a couple of places has been filled. Here is a picture from last week and one from today for comparison:

BBQs, Beer, and French Food

The wifey and I went out to Yokohama this Saturday. Her uncle had passed away one year back and they were holding a dinner in remembrance of that. It was held in a pretty nice French restaurant and I quickly remembered why bringing babies to nice restaurants is usually not a very good idea. We had our own room, so the princess could run around and cause trouble without it being too much of a big deal, but I bet the waiter was crying after he saw what she did to the tablecloth (laugh).

That night we met up with some friends for a BBQ and Sunday was pretty much just shopping and whatnot. Last night, Masato and Emi dropped by for a beer or two which was a lot of fun. It’s been too long since we’ve gotten the chance to hang out and chat.

Just Staying Busy

The princess had another photo shoot this week. Looked something like the above. This may be the last one for a while though. We will see I guess.

We went out for a quick walk to the lot before work the other day and it looks like things are progressing with the foundation. For some reason though, we have yet to see any people actually working on it. It’s kind of scary actually, because we are going at times that you would assume people would be there — typical working hours, you know? It’s like we have ghost builders or something. Rather exciting.

Went in for band rehearsal on Wednesday and we had a pretty good night. Finished up one new song, started working on another which has a lot of potential, and had a good talk afterwards over beer. We have been in a bit of a rough spot for the last week or so but I think we managed to get ourselves back on the same level again. We also had a consensus on changing up our direction a bit, which I think will probably be for the best. More on that I’m sure will be coming as it materializes.

Unexpected Festival

The wifey and I went out for a walk this morning and they were having a festival (“Shinagwa Yumesan Bashi 2008”) so we dropped in for a bit:

There was an artist there drawing portraits for charity at the Lawson booth named Yusuke Tanaka. We watched him do a few people’s and they were just horribly cute so we had to get one made as well:

Construction on the house seems to be coming along:

And we even managed to go to Santouka for lunch yesterday for the first time in forever (probably my favorite ramen shop here — simple, but really, really good):

Let’s see, what else…

Oh, I went to a friend’s party on Saturday, got ripped, missed my last train home, and ended up coming back at like six in the morning with a hangover and cold to go along with it. Still feeling rather rotten today, but at least the hangover is gone I suppose. I ended up meeting an Australian guy who just got into Japan that night on the train and he tagged along with me to the party. It was a lot of fun though. Lot’s of cool people.

Everything at Once

Lorne and Maggie came over the other day and made us some quesadillas:

Ended up looking something like this:

They were very yummy. And even better, the wifey and I didn’t have to do anything but sit there and get drunk. And I’m pretty sure I drank more than you are supposed to for a weekday.

Speaking of Maggie:

This is her cutting a quesadilla fabulously. Because she is fabulous like that. And now, she even has a fabulous blog. Go give her some love.

Continuing on…

Here is the princess teaching me how to read:

And the construction for our new house’s foundation:

And the princess “preparing for her closeup”:

The photo shoot went kind of how I expected it to (according to the wifey anyways; I was at work). She was supposed to hug a stuffed animal for one picture, which went well for all of maybe five minuets. After that, she would just slam the fucker on the ground whenever it was handed to her.

Anyhow, she already has another photo shoot lined up for next week. I’m getting the feeling that her work schedule is going to become even busier than mine at this rate.

Nothing New

We went for a walk to the lot this morning just to get out of the house. We ended up getting some breakfast at McDonald’s and ate it outside as the princess ran around in circles. The wifey went on to meet a friend to go to a sale and I laid down with the princess for what should have been a nap. They are doing some construction on our apartment right now and they started working on the wall outside our bedroom about 30 minuets after I laid down. It was loud and was scaring the crap out of the princess so I ended up just taking her outside for another walk.

I met up with the wifey and her friend and we grabbed a beer at the pup in front of the soccer court. There were some other kids out there playing as usual and before I knew it we had some friends. I would pick up the princess and this other little girl (around three?) would immediately run up to me with her arms out. I picked her up and gave her a few spins while her mom just sat there shaking her head.

The wifey is putting the princess to sleep right now and we got a pizza waiting on the coffee table. We’re probably going to try to get a movie in before we sleep — or at least that’s the plan. As for tomorrow, we don’t have anything really planned at the moment (amazingly). Monday on is going to be a killer though. Just looking at my calender makes me feel dizzy. Work this month is going to be insane as well.


I think I mentioned this once before but when we did the inspection on our lot, we found out that the back end of it was a little too weak to support a third floor. So, we ended up having to pay a bit more to get it strengthened (so the house doesn’t sink or tip after it’s built). Generally to do this, they drive a bunch of rods deep in the ground essentially compressing all the soil around it to make it harder. From looking at the lot today, it appears they have finished. So I guess next comes the foundation.

Model Girl

The princess has a photo shoot coming up soon. Next week I think it was? I can’t remember. It’s for a baby magazine of sorts. Only one year old and she’s already being put to work. What a cruel, cruel world.