Not Bad for a Monday

I’m back to work and amazingly enough, I’m not even stressed out and beating my head in with my keyboard yet. Something must be very, very wrong (or right for a change?).

We’ve started packing slowly for our move, which of course means we have only filled like 3-4 boxes so far. I planned on doing more last night but every time we taped a new box together the princess would go and sit in it. I was tempted to just close the damn thing up and write “princess” on the outside.

Lorne and Maggie are going to stop by tonight to make us dinner come hang out. I also plan to force them to cut band fliers because I’m a terribly considerate friend (and horrendously lazy).

Insanely Busy

I’ve been so busy these last few days it feels like my head is going to explode. We went out to the lot this morning for the “final” house inspection. For the most part it went well. We found a couple of things that need to be fixed but it should all be done by next week and we will be moving in the week after.

The wifey was dying for some Pho so we headed out to the Vietnamese restaurant down the block for lunch. After getting home, I made some calls to cancel our gas, electricity, and water, and to make appointments to get everything set up again at our new place when we move in. I also did some research for our phone lines and internet connection, but unfortunately, I’m still undecided as to what I want to do with it all. I’m leaning towards abandoning analog lines completely and just wiring the house up with fiber optics.

I finished reading “Twilight” tonight but to be honest, I didn’t dig it so much. It was paced well, the story was rather catchy, but the witting was just down right frustrating at times — especially near the end.

I’m probably going to read “The Wealth of Nations” next. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while now but just haven’t had the chance to get around to it. The timing is probably good I suppose; I’ve been reading a lot of modern stuff lately and I’m in the mood for something a bit heavier. I’m sure it will take forever given the pace I’m able to read these days, but oh well, what can you do right?

Oh, and the copy I have was borrowed from the wifey’s dad. It’s super old and I love it! I don’t know what it is about old books, but they just have this huge appeal to me. I also love books that are tattered, well traveled — passed along a lot. It’s kind of stupid, but I like the thought of books changing hands, different people reading it at different times in all different places. That’s probably why I can’t throw books away — it’s just my thing I guess.

So, I also managed to make another batch of Peanut Brittle tonight without fucking it up royally this time. It seems that beer was the key ingredient the whole time. In me that is, not in the peanut brittle.

Oh, and band rehearsal was crazy fun this week. We planned on practicing the set for our show next Friday but ended up making a new song instead. We were jamming a bit to warm up and the riff was so fun, we just kept playing it. As it stands now, we’re leaning towards cramming it into our upcoming show. So yeah, that should be — interesting.


The above are some pictures from our trip to Osaka last weekend. We went out to spend some time with the princess’ grandpa. Nothing to exciting for the most part; just hung around the house and played, went out to eat with him and some of his friends, went to the aquarium again, etc. It’s kind of sad though: after getting off the plane and getting back on the trains in Tokyo, I got this huge sense of relief — you know, that I’m-finally-back-at-home feeling. The fact that this city can now make me feel that way makes my head explode a little.

Bath Time

I was taking a bath with the princess last night and she was playing with one of those plastic buckets you use to pour hot water on yourself with. She kept filling it with water and dumping it out on the floor.

Getting bored with that, she decided to wear it as a hat — only she forgot it still had water in it. She cried, so I filled the bucket back up with water and put it on my own head to cheer her up.

She started laughing, took it from my head, and then hit me in the face with it. “That hurts honey,” I said laughing, ” be gentle.” She reached out a hand and patted my head with a sweet smile across her face.

Then she reared back as hard as she could and knocked the living shit out of me.

fit – “Cheer Up Indies Vol. 24” Wrap-up

Well, what’s to say — we had a blast as always. We even manged to get some chat time in with some of the other bands (which always seems to be a rather difficult feat to accomplish for some reason). As with last time we played at Eggman, the genres of the bands were pretty widespread, but I really enjoyed the variety. We even got to exchange info with some of the guys, so maybe if we get lucky we will all be able to get together in some form or another in the near future.

Masato taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him, during sound check

So yep, a big thanks again for both all the people who came out, and for all the support from those who couldn’t. We got another show coming up on the 27th at Yotsuya Outbreak and we hope to see ya there!


Well, the house is just about complete. It should be totally done somewhere around the 20th of this month but we are still waiting on some construction to be done on the road out in front.

Unfortunately, we will be living on a privately owned road, which means we have to somehow gather the signatures of everyone who owns any part of it to work on it. You can image how fun that is. If all goes well though, the plan is to try to move sometime around the beginning of next month.

So yeah, now we get to go through the whole fun of requesting vacation time, finding movers, requesting daycare time for the princess, shutting off gas/water/phone/electricity, setting up the gas/water/phone/electricity, buying shit, packing shit, unpacking shit, setting up an internet connection, changing the addresses for insurance/credit cards/drivers licenses/visas/bank accounts etc.

Side note: this is one of the primary reasons I wanted to buy — so I wouldn’t have to move again.


My hosting account got hacked this week, taking down both this blog and the fit blog for about a day and a half. I actually noticed it early on, but was just too exhausted from work to bother sitting down and doing anything about it.

Anyhow, luckily it didn’t seem to be all that sophisticated; it was just some not-very-well-performed script injection on all of our index pages, breaking the code and causing php parse errors rather than doing what it was written for. Being that all the script was the same, a simple search and replace was enough to clean things up.

So yeah, my best guess at the moment is that someone simply brute forced our FTP account (which sadly to say, wouldn’t have been terribly difficult to do in its previous state) and ran an automated script against it. We’ve covered what we can so hopefully we’ll be safe for now.

What can you do, right?