Jailbreak and Nicotine

Today’s my first day of no cigarettes. I was absolutely fucking dying by lunch but I learned it isn’t quite as horrible if I can manage to keep myself preoccupied.

So I decided to jailbreak my iPhone to give me something to do:

I got Cydia installed now and I can even shell into the OS:

I’m thinking about installing the GNU C compiler and building programs ON my cell phone just to be an asshole.


An easy mistake to make. Considering the location (trash can at Wal-Mart), the probability of it being the first would probably greatly outweigh the possibility of it being the latter.

And in all honesty, Ren does — at some times — appear very tasty.

Ren’s Birthday

Ren just turned one today and also started walking a little bit for the first time. He obviously hasn’t figured out what the whole birthday thing is about yet, but he seemed to like it anyway.

And yes, the princess picked out his cake.


Apparently I’m going to to attempt kicking the nicotine habit:

And apparently the medicine I got to help to do to so has the occasionally trivial side-effect of psychotic episode and abrupt suicide.


I just got the rest of the Dark Tower series in from my amazon order. I also picked up a Dan Brown book because, well, I’m really out of ideas for new (somewhat modern) things to read. Any suggestions would of course be highly appreciated. The list of classics I want to get around to is of course never ending, but it’s also nice to check out the new stuff — even if it’s just padding.

I actually managed to get home before my kids went to sleep which was nice for a change, but in all honestly it’s getting harder and harder to do with my current schedule — and that’s really killing me. The princess’ book quota for the night is typically two books from mom (in Japanese), and two books from dad (English of course), and sometimes swapped if shes in the mood to be mean to us, but I folded and read her three Dr. Seuss books because I haven’t been able to fill my part of the bargain lately. And I love Dr. Seuss.

And she’s really persuasive when she wants to be.


We went to a “undoukai” in the neighborhood today — kind of like an athletic event for kids. Anna got to dress up like a Ninja and beat the crap out of stuff, which was of course right up her alley.

Ren on the other hand, just wanted food.

Me in the daddy group. They forced us to do this group jump roping thing and I swear I came pretty close to passing out.