All I Do Is Run Now

I went running both yesterday and today believe it or not, and it looks like I may end up having a similar schedule next week as work allows. Why on earth have I started doing all this running? I’m pretty positive that I despise running, or I am at least supposed to.

Anyhow, for being a busy week I’ve been surprisingly not drowning in self petty, and even been kind of — well, happy? Just been feeling spontaneous, light-hearted (yet of course still serious when it comes to things I feel I need to be serious about), and just in general, things are good.

No really, for a change I really don’t have anything to bitch about whatsoever. Really!

So yeah, lots of fun little projects going on, staying busy, and looking forward to getting some good play time in with the kids this weekend! And I really need to schedule myself a second bouldering session — I would love to pick it up as a hobby.

DCC Prototype

Believe it or not I have been playing around with encryption in some form or another since I was about six or seven, and in late high school / early university I kind of took the natural path from there to get an amateur interest in compression algorithms as well.

My senior engineering project was even a variation off the Huffman Algorithm.

I have had this idea for a loss-less, compression time intensive but decompression time sensitive, AI embedded method of compression for about ten years now (and I even attempted to start it once before I eventually got sidetracked for one reason or another), but anyway, for some reason I caught myself thinking about it again and before I knew it, I had coded a prototype down to the root cluster analysis portion.

So yeah, looks like I’m kind of playing with it again, but that’s not to say it won’t just sit there again until another five years pass.

Here’s whats next anyway:

  • Speed boost for the root cluster detection (probably in the analysis function)
  • Clean up the refresh rate
  • Start working on the data structure for the cluster analysis

Edit: I ended up doing a bit of work on this night after writing this post as the mood apparently hit me again. Now the sleep mood is hitting me.


I headed out to Nagoya last weekend for the 15th anniversary of NUPACE, the exchange program I participated in when I was in college — which marks the first time I came to Japan for an extended amount of time.

Jim (a classmate of mine at the time — who is also now a doctor and college professor), flew in from the states to give a presentation on international relations in Asia as affected by financial interdependency — or something smart like that.

And I got to meet a bunch of the current students, and some students who had just recently gotten back from a foreign exchange at my home university (NCSU). I drank lots of wine and told them stories about the dorm being coed before they got there, and they were sure to rub in the fact that they had air conditioning when they where there. And I got to see a couple other of my foreign classmates, see some of my former teachers, etc.

Congratulations NUPACE, and I’m looking forward to going to many more anniversary events to come!

More Running

I keep trying to find ways to adjust myself to manage stress better — being that I am just under so much of it these days, and in all honesty, I think I am improving a lot. But I’m still getting clobbered and I always end up hitting that point of no return when I fall into stressed-out-overwhelmed-I-hate-the-world mode.

I got that this evening.

Anyhow, I had plans to run with some guys from work and Lorne came out to join as well, so I forcefully put some stuff aside and did the Imperial Palace thing with everyone. Then I went back to stuff still tired, yet somewhat refreshed and not in the punching-my-monitor mood so much anymore.

Somewhat off topic but I’m considering studying for and taking the JSDA exam. Just don’t know when on earth I’m going to find time. Actually, I have a list of about 1,000 other things I want to study as well. Just no time, no time.

Ren’s Birthday

Ren turns two years-old tomorrow, and being that his grandpa was down this weekend (and due to the fact that I can never get home at a decent hour anymore), we decided to celebrate a couple days early.

He basically got nothing but cars for his birthday — but considering that’s literally all he plays with it’s probably a good thing. I swear, I think he is a bit extreme even for a boy.

Happy birthday kid-o!

Soccer in the Rain

I just met up with some guys and we had another soccer match — in the pouring rain. I wasn’t really looking forward to it honestly given I had to get up so early today and I have been lacking in the sleep arena, but it ended up being a lot of fun. I’m still nowhere close to being a good player, but I can actually go through a whole game now with out folding over in pain.

I guess those runs around the imperial palace are paying off.

So yeah, time for some sleep I think.

Total side note, but I have kind of gotten tired of being stressed and irritable so I think I’m going to be rainbow-chasing-on-a-unicorn happy tomorrow — but in actuality my four Guinnesses will have worn off by then so… yeah, we will see.

Run, Run, Run

So, I went and ran around the imperial palace yet again today — and I noticed my pace has increased a lot since the first time I ran it. It’s still painful, but not nearly as much as the first time I ran it.

Besides being stressed and being in a horrid mood, I have been reading “Pygmy,” by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s written in broken English which was kind of irritating for the first chapter or so, but Palahniuk is so witty and such a good writer that I pretty much got over it after a while. So far I rather like it.

Ren’s second birthday is coming up soon and I never thought I would say this, but I catch myself missing having a baby around. It’s been what, four years of baby at this point and you kind of get used to it. It’s true what they say: enjoy them while they are still little — which you of course can’t do because your too busy cleaning up their puke and poop — but yeah, I could so be one of those guys who has six million kids if the other five million minus two turned out to be even half as good as the two I have.

That is If I didn’t have to pay for them.