Car Project #2: Touch-up Paint

Now that I finished with installing the etc device, I figured it was time to move onto car project #2; namely trying to touch-up some of the bad bumps and scrapes.

Here is what I was starting with:

I went to Autobas and picked up some touch-up paint and clear coating. I found the correct color from the maker plate under the hood and matched the code and maker to the paint.

Here is what it looked like after the first layer:


Much better!

I did a second coat as well to try to fill in some of the deeper scrapes:

2014071303Not as noticeable of an improvement but there is some there. If you look at the scrape at the very bottom for example you can see it looks much less obvious.

Anyhow, I figure I’m going to give it one last coat and then put on the clear coat. Will take some more pictures to compare.


I did a lot of coding today for some reason. I wrote indexing code for the little PHP KB I was playing with some months back:

And I wrote a simple text command parser for no reason whatsoever. Just in one of those moods I guess.

Oh and I went climbing again today. Climbed my favorite 4-kyu overhang and started working on a new 4-kyu. On the new one, I made it to the next to last hold on-sight but couldn’t pull off the last as it was a bit of a reach and I was having trouble finding a place for my feet. Oh and because I suck, that’s the other reason.