Rather Tired

Just been so much going on these days. So much I want to write about too, but I’m just too preoccupied. And old — I’m getting old. And when you get old you get all conservative and practical which means less writing and more get-off-my-lawn.

But in fairness I’m much happier in my 30s than I was in my 20s. Guess I had 10 years to find more important things to worry about.

And I should be working on my taxes and blah, blah, blah but after three days in a row of 13+ hours of work and waking up at 5 am, only to stay up to the middle of the night to work on taxes… I’m pretty shot. And I should be sleeping now but I’m so used to being awake and being exhausted my body can’t seem to figure it out. And I want to go climbing tomorrow but I have no clue if I’ll manage to make the time, let alone the energy, and DAMN YOU RED TAPE BOULDER PROBLEM I DID ONCE THAT I COULDN’T DO LAST TIME I SHALL CRUSH YOUR SOUL!

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