Peki Peki

I took the princess to Peki Peki, an indoor bouldering gym in Shibuya a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a place that allowed kids and this one was one close by and looked kind of interesting. It was horribly expensive for adults: 2,500 yen plus 1,000 for the registration. For kids it wasn’t that bad — just 500 yen for under elementary school which is affordable enough.

Here is the first floor:

Not a bad wall, but just too crowded. And this was in the middle of Golden Week so I hate to see how it would be on a typical day.

Here is the kids wall on the 3rd floor where we spent most of our time:

It was a lot of fun, the wall had a pretty big variety of routes, and there were actually quite a few other 4 year-old girls who the princess made friends with.

The princess doing a 8-kyu:

Here is the 2nd floor wall — intermediate to advanced and utterly empty for some reason:

The princess let me have a few goes at it while she was taking a break:

And on the other side of the 2nd floor was the cave! Really cool!

Again, completely empty (with the exception of one guy). I guess the 2nd floor isn’t that popular for whatever reason. I had a good time on it for as long as the princess would let me though:

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