Here We Go

Well, I managed to restore my reading list, and I managed to finish reading “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen, which was kind of like the “This Side of Paradise” of F. Scott Fitzgerald. So yeah, making progress I guess. I get to start reading a physical book from tomorrow, which makes me somewhat happy for some reason. But alas, me being a human I think I need to grab a little sleep.

3 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. Nice! I like how you seem so calm about what happened. If it happened to me, I probably won’t be able to talk or move at all. More time to read, never a bad thing!

  2. BTW I have no idea how you deleted your posts and wondering if you subscribed to your own rss via Google Reader? You should be able to find your old posts there….

    • No, I didn’t subscribe to my own rss but I have found that the text of a lot of my posts still exist in the old WordPress database. The pictures that were attached, and whatnot, are completely deleted though (but I should have the original source pictures somewhere — if I could remember what went with what). I’m thinking I might slowly try to restore at least the text manually from the database, but we will see.

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