Running A Server On Your iPhone

The Webserver:

Note that to get this to work, you will need a jailbroke iPhone. I won’t get into the details about how to do that here.

1) Download and install lighttpd and Lighttpd SBSettings Toggle from Cydia.

The latter package includes a pre-made configuration file and supposedly “adds PHP support” (although PHP didn’t seem to be working on my phone).

2) Go to Settings -> Activator, and add the Lighttpd Toggle to an action.

I setup a menu for all my toggles that looks like this:

3) Add your web pages in /var/www and make any configuration changes (if you would like) to /etc/lighttpd2.conf:

4) Activate the server by pressing on the toggle and login from your web browser using the phones IP:

The FTP Server:

Download and use the WiFi FTP Application from Savy Soda:

Note however that this app apparently doesn’t require authentication — so you got to be careful with it. You just login as Anonymous.

Savy Soda also offers another app called WiFi HD which is somewhat similar, but instead of a FTP connection, serves a FTP page that you can access to upload and/or delete files. It’s pretty horribly rated but I found that it more or less worked. Granted it was rather buggy though.

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