I’ve been sick over new years and I’m not sure if I consider myself lucky for being sick when I don’t have to work, or unlucky for the same reason. I’ll say it’s the former for the sake of 2013, year of the snake optimism.

I went to see Skyfall with the wifey yesterday which wasn’t bad I suppose — good action and whatnot — but the story was a bit lacking. From that we had lunch at this nice Italian restaurant in shibuya — or at least I think it was nice — can’t be sure considering I couldn’t taste anything.

The kids “opa” (grandad) came up to Tokyo yesterday to stay with us so we went and picked him up at the station.

I made new years lasagna:

And we went to Irugi Shrine for hatsumode:

Hatsumode, by the way, is when people go to the shrines right after new years. In general, you just put in your wishes for the new year, you can buy protective amulets, get your fortune for the new year, etc. It’s always hideously crowded of course because everyone goes.

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