Compression Engine

I have a somewhat bizarre hobby: I like make encoding engines. Not for any particular purpose really — just because it’s kind of fun to play around with different ways to represent information. I stumbled into the fun of it really early — at about six or seven years-old when I wrote my first (albeit extremely simple) encryption engine. I had to write a Huffman compressor in college for a data structures class and that kind of relighted a interest in it all. Now I catch myself making at least 1-2 custom algorithms a year just when the feeling hits me — and for no good reason whatsoever.

I got the feeling again in December and wrote another really simple compression algorithm just for the fun of it. I figured this time I would try to just leave it simple and package it into something you could actually somewhat run — and maybe put it up into a free download just for the fun of it. Which means of course I added at least five compression optimizations to the original algorithm cause I couldn’t stop playing with the damn thing.

But anyway, I put it down for several weeks and just picked it up yesterday — just to try to write the interface stuff and the other boring crap to turn it into a usable executable. And of course two more optimizations came to me so I coded those (sigh).

So yeah, I’m writing this for myself here: no more optimizations Scott. Just clean up, and move on with your life. It will be ok. The nice people in white are coming and they are bringing a nice comfortable jacket.

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