Comparatively Speaking

There has just been so much going on these days I don’t know where to begin:

We went into the studio last week to take down “Heater.” We made some rather significant changes to the song two weeks before so to be honest, we were a bit unprepared. Didn’t have the practice in we all would have liked to have. Needless to say, it turned into a rather long session. I think in total we were in the studio for around 12 hours. The final product, however, I am extremely satisfied with — the sound is excellent. It may be the best track we have recorded so far.

In related news, we have done a bit of an about face on our original plans and have decided to release an EP rather than a full length album. The reasons for doing so are innumerable, but the good news is that we will probably be releasing it around November or December of this year. The tracks we want are down and decided on, but we still have to go in for a remastering session — maybe next month. In the meantime, I’m starting to look into the album art and logistics. I think the biggest decision we have to make is whether we are going to release through a label or not. If so, we pretty much know who we are going to release through, but we are still trying to work out if it wouldn’t just make more sense to do it on our own. Regardless, we plan to sell them at our shows (and possibly even online?) at a dirt cheap price, and that being the case, it seems a little silly to put them on the store shelves as well with the massive corporate markup.

I met up with two more recruiters last week and even popped my head into an engineering job fair here in Tokyo, which consisted of about a million Japanese people for a little over ten companies. You can imagine how that was I suppose. Luckily (?) none of the companies were really looking for people like me so it didn’t hurt my feelings too much.

Side note: it’s nothing like being the only white guy in a sea of Japanese to remind you how out of place us foreigner folk are here. I had to keep checking down to make sure I had my pants on.

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