Shared Experiences

I was walking with my family down the boardwalk near our house the other day when I casually spotted this large staircase with the side made out of long, horizontal, wood boards. About a year or so back when we were walking past, for some reason I got it in my head to climb up it, and before long I was helping my son and daughter at it as well. We probably spent a good 30 min to an hour playing on it I think.

Anyhow, it was one of those rather random, spontaneous, happy memories that I couldn’t help but recall as we walked past the other day. Just then, my daughter grabbed my hand and said “dad, remember when we climbed up that?”

Apparently she remembered it too.

It’s funny how that one memory stood out for both of us — and interesting how we both recalled it in the same manner at the same time. The more excitable, less logical side of me likes to be entertained with the idea that we have some sort of special father/daughter mental connection, but in a lot of ways, that’s not such an illogical explanation: we are connected through that shared experience (among many others), and the collection of those experiences is what ultimately makes up our relationship.

No wories though, my intentions aren’t to attempt some profound declaration on the truths of life. It was just one of those little moments that made me happy, spawned from another random little happy moment, and I just felt like writing it down so maybe if in lucky, I’ll get one more out of it later down the road. We shall see.

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