I have a lot of notes I keep in text files on my PC, but I tend to want to access these from multiple locations and have never found a decent way to do it. The immediate thought that came to mind was to setup a wiki site of sorts, but that got me thinking: wouldn’t it be interesting to have a self-organizing wiki of sorts that takes random notes as input and intelligently creates it’s own indexes, formats your crap, and produces output intelligently based on various search methods? I’ve been kind of on a tear-it-down-to-basics mentality kick these days so I took my initial thought and stripped it down to “post shit online and have it saved somewhere.” So I slammed together something tonight in php that essentially does this.

Basically, I put together a simple html text area that does a html post to itself:


This executes a php script in the same file to write the data down to a file on the server with a name in the format of yyyymmddhhss[microsec]:


The whole thing is under 20 lines of code.

I’ve been kind of enjoying these micro projects lately — I’m not sure why.

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