I have somewhat of an addiction for collecting points on various internet sites. It’s become a bit of a ritual for me to spend about 5-10 min clicking in the morning while I have my coffee. I probably only make a few yen a day off it but it’s fun for some reason — I don’t know. I think it’s just a simple mindless task that helps wake me up and get my hands moving.

Anyway, a lot of these sites reset themselves every hour but lucky I’m not so addicted to sit there and try to click them all day. But just for fun, I wrote a script in AutoIt to launch one of these sites, login, click five times, and then close it out. The script just loops and runs every hour. And it works rather good!

It’s a bit fragile I think because it depends on timings but I think there is definitely some useful stuff you can do with it if you add in proper validation. I’m considering trying to put it to use at work but figure I will play around with the language a bit more. I have been rather impressed though — it’s pretty powerful. You can even write GUI’s in it.

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