Ski in GALA Yuzawa

Took the kids out skiing for the first time this past weekend:

It’s been close to ten years since the last time I went snowboarding and even longer for the wifey, so needless to say, neither of us were feeling the confidence to teach a four and six year. We ended up getting them a beginners lesson, and the wifey and took that time to do some rehabilitation of our own together.

We both ended up recalling it pretty quickly and really had a good time. I have only been snowboarding a handful of times in my life anyway so i’m nowhere close to being that good, but it kind of surprised me how well my body remembered it. The ski resort was rather nice as well — very convenient. The snow was good given the season, it was decently close to Tokyo, and you walk right out of the station directly into the rental hall and locker area. You really can’t beat that. Trying to carry two kids worth of stuff absolutely sucked of course, but we managed somehow.

2014030904The kids did really well by the way. Even Ren was able to get up and glide well but Anna was even getting her stopping down by the end. And they absolutely loved it, which was most important. We’ll definitely have to go back for another round.

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