Stressed And Overwhelmed

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed these days, mainly with work and taxes, but when I get overwhelmed and stressed my brain becomes completely stupid and kicks up my perfectionist tendencies even more — which of course just makes everything all the worse.

I was trying to do a write-up of sorts and just kept revising the same paragraph like a hundred times. And it started driving me crazy because I was spending hours on it even though I knew in my head — even as I was doing it — that I was past the point of it making it worth the effort. But once I get in a loop like that it’s just hard to break free — I don’t know why. Just one of many affiliations I haven’t found a good way to get over yet.

Actually that’s not true. There is one method that I have found that helps: I highlight all the text in red and go through it sentence at a time turning it black, and refuse to let myself go back and read the sentences I’ve blackened. It’s a┬ábit of a brain trick but it does help sometimes. It’s what helped this time anyway.

So, I was playing around with my cube again tonight and picked up a new shortcut. Every now and again I run into the case on the 2nd layer where I get a corner reversed:

This kind of sucks because I have to push an irrelevant corner in, and then go back and put the proper one in. In my current way of doing things, that’s eight moves for the replace, and eight more for the correct. There is a better shortcut for this that lets you do it in nine total as opposed to sixteen. As this scenario always occurs for the last corner of the second layer for me, I took the shortcut and reversed it so that I can flip the cube upside-down, fix it in nine, and then keep holding the cube as is to solve the last layer. It’s pretty cool — but I’m pretty positive I will forget it a hundred times before it finally sticks in my head.

Speaking of cube solving, I got it down to just over 2 min now:

And on a completely unrelated note, I’m reading “Time and Again” by Jack Finney and rather liking it!


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