Speed Cube

So, I broke down and bought my first speed cube. It’s a relatively new model — the Sulong from YJ. I ordered it from China and they must have had some one swim it over because it took a fucking decade to arrive. It was a bit dusty out of the box but in good shape — and dirt cheap.

My first impressions? It turns insanely good and corner cutting is absolutely effortless. I read online that it never pops but that turns out to be utter bullshit; it took me about 10 min for my first one.

All in all though I’m really enjoying it so far. As I have been using a regular cube up until now it’s rather difficult to get used to though. I’m trying to relearn the algorithms with my fingers rather than my hands. You kind of have to though because you have no control if you don’t. But of course if I get it down it should be much faster!

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