Low Expectations

The gym I had been going to for some time now closed down so I had to shift to another (more snobby) one¬†down the street. The one I had been going to just had a weight room and you could pay each time you went which was rather nice. The new one I am going to has more amenities, such as a swimming pool, sauna, etc., which luckily I can get no use out of because I have a tattoo¬†(in Japan tattoos are still associated with gangsters so it’s common for them to refuse membership for people with tattoos to gym’s and boathouses). Also it has the added benefit of being more expensive.

Anyhow, the first month had free membership as part of a campaign so I got the most expensive one where I can go whenever I like. And of course, I’m have been trying to make some use of that meaning trying to go after work and whatnot, even if that means just popping in for 30 min or so. And you know what? It’s interesting: when I paid by the session I always wanted to get the most out of it and would try to go for 1-2 hours at a time but now that my goal has been just to essentially show up, I have been going like nuts: 4 times this week. Seems like there is something to say for lowering your expectations.

Note by the way even when I go, I end up being there for about an hour anyway. But saying I’m just going to pop in for a bit seems to get me in the door.

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