Fat 25


Just got back from the Fat Wreck Chords 25 year anniversary show in Tokyo and it was utterly insane. Just so many good bands. The floor wasn’t guarded off so I actually managed to get right up near the stage for pretty much every set — except when it started getting closer to the end because I was just completely worn out. I pushed my way through the pit to the very front for Lagwagon but that about did me in — the whole damn front section just went nuts and I got more than a good few kicks to the head. And I’m actually pretty sure Officer Bradford from Masked intruder smashed into me once in the Good Riddance mosh pit.

One thing I love about the fat bands is they are all extremely good live — much better than the recordings even in most cases. As an example I never really listened to Swingin’ Utters much in the past but they really impressed me in concert. And when Hi-Standard came on the place just exploded — they absolutely killed it.

The Tony Sly tribute at the end was somewhat sad but it was very cool to see all the bands come together and play No Use For a Name covers. His daughters were at the show as well — and they all sat on the stage during NOFX (while Fat Mike went on about his balls and whatnot). The “Soulmate” cover with Hi-Standard / Strung-out was definitely one of my favorites.

But… I’m soooooo tired. Just seeing one of those bands can be exhausting but seeing one after another all day is just murder!

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