Budget VR

I recently read about Google cardboard and thought it was such a cool idea! I took a look on the internet and noticed already a million spin-offs, including this one, the GP 3DVR which runs from about 30$ from Amzaon:


You plop your cell phone in the front of it running some VR software as so:



And just amazing — 30$ VR that works! Very fun to play with. There is an extremely limited amount of software at the moment (and the vast majority of it sucks balls) but the Zombie Shooter demo I downloaded was rather impressive.


The head straps are nice and it holds the cell phone well. The side adjusters (distance) are great but I found the angle adjuster on the top rather useless. Other downsides are the foam on the top that kind of sticks into my forehead and the holes on the side that let too much light in:


But the lenses are very good and it has fantastic magnification. You really can’t bitch for 30$.

In short, it will never of course be the Oculus but if you want to play around, it’s not bad at all. I still can’t believe the stuff I was dying to get my hands on as a kid will run you this cheap these days — it’s just a completely different world.

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