D2 Vanguard

Seems like the only time I post on my blog anymore is when I’m talking about VR but oh well, so be it. I ran across a demo of the D2 Vanguard from 3Glasses in Akihabara the other day and gave it a run. The D2 Vanguard is basically trying to be a cheaper Oculus Rift (at around 400 USD) and to be honest, they have done it well. It’s been about a year since I tried the Oculus so my comparison may be crappy but the D2 Vanguard was hanging in there. The first thing that impressed me was the weight — it’s extremely light! The adjusters for the lenses and whatnot also worked well. The resolution wasn’t bad I don’t think but it didn’t compare to the Oculus. I noticed when you focused on particular objects you could rather notice the pixels. Also, and this may have been the hardware it was running on, but I was getting the occasional white flash when looking around. Beyond that though, it was very good, and very immersive. The demo they had setup massively sucked though, which was disappointing. But, they did get the proportions right so I felt like a proper adult in height! As an aside, the FOV is supposed to be similar to the Oculus I believe but it felt a narrower to me horizontally. It wasn’t bad by any means though.

On the topic of VR in general, every time I demo a headset the lack of a proper input method really annoys me. If you take your hands off the keyboard for a second you basically have to lift up the headgear so you can find it again — and it’s a pain. I get that headsets are probably the most important thing to get VR off the ground right now but I get the feeling the lack of good input methods are going to end up holding things back from he technology really taking off. Hoping the powers at be have some stuff in the works at least though.

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