PlayStation VR


I got to demo PlayStation VR this past weekend and whoa was it cool! The field of view was a slight bit narrower than the Oculus Rift and the resolution a bit lower but it is still extremely immersive. I didn’t get that sense of peripheral vision that I got with the Oculus but it also didn’t feel constrained at all. I think it actually felt quite a lot more comfortable than the Oculus, because they have apparently pulled a bit of tech out of the goggles and put it in the center of the visor making it feel more balanced. It’s also super easy to adjust with just one button. There is a bit of space at the bottom of the visor but I didn’t notice any light seeping in. In fact I actually kind of liked it because I could just tip them up a bit to see out pretty easy when I wanted to.

The one thing that knocked me out though was the software! We tried The Playroom VR with Anna on the controller and me being the giant monster. Most of the software I have tried with VR has always been kind of a forced conversion of a first-person shooter but this thing is made completely for VR — and it is so cool because of it. In “Monster Escape” the person with the VR is a massive monster and the people playing by controllers are small little guys trying to run away and/or throw all sorts of mess at your head. The cool part is the perception really makes you feel like some big giant looking over all these tiny people. It’s extremely, extremely immersive and just really cool. Up until now I had been rather disappointed with the titles I played (as they felt more like a novelty than anything else) but this got me really excited about the possibilities for VR going forward. It really had that “wow” factor and brings a new dimension to gaming that you just can’t get on a 2D screen. And allowing people to play along with controllers is smart because you know most people aren’t going to be able to afford more than one headset (@ around 400 USD or 500 to get the proper motion tracking). I so want one of these now!

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