Well This is Odd

I was under the impression that blogging was completely dead, mainly just because I wasn’t doing it, but from after jumping from site to site I suddenly realized a lot of my favorite bloggers were completely still at it. With nobody looking. Nobody commenting. And I’m completely blown away. Even in this age of Facebook, twitter, instant gratification of likes and retweets, people are just typing away as if nothing ever changes — regardless of who or who not is looking.

And that’s why these guys are so good — and have always been so good. And I felt like I learned a lesson just by stumbling across it.

I was watching a video interview of Linux Torvaldas last night and he introduced an algorithm that removes the “head” special case from the remove operation against a linked list. His example was about looking at things from different angles (ignoring the fact he saved all of like 1-2 lines of code). But point taken… flip things on their head and they take on a whole new meaning. Blogging isn’t dead at all…. it’s alive because it’s forgotten.

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