fit – Updates

We had a pretty good show at Club Asia last Thursday. It’s probably the biggest place I have played since moving to Japan — really cool venue. I actually got lost trying to find a bathroom backstage and somehow ended up in the VIP room. So you know, I just took a piss in there instead.

Don’t worry, it had a bathroom.

Anyhow, I have a pound of really good pics I have gathered up from our last couple shows but they are waiting for a time when I’m not beating my head over tax paperwork or ideally, after I have actually managed to get some sleep for a change. Which most likely means “never.”

But yeah, there are pictures to sort and upload, websites to update, a million little “in-the-works” projects flowing in the background, a recording coming up next month, most likely another show in June, and well, we are just having a busy year — which of course is a good thing.

So thanks to all the people that came out to the Asia show and we got lots of fun new stuff just up on the horizon so keep checking in!

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