Taxes and Whatever

Just got my tax book in the mail (*sigh*).

It’s going to be rather fun this year, both with losing my job and trying to figure out how my Japanese unemployment benefits and pension payout counts against the current tax treaties in place between the two countries. I’m hoping to god I don’t end up getting double taxed because I really can’t afford it right now. By the way, I’m reminded every year how utterly ridiculous the U.S. tax system is. It’s like going to a restaurant and them making you calculate the bill.

Except you don’t get any food.

It’s been a very busy year for me so far. I had about a million interviews last month, finished reading “The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz (it was fantastic), and I’m seven chapters into “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking (and my brain is about to explode). I also finally started watching “Flash Forward” and I’m rather hooked. It’s almost completely different from the novel (except for the main theme), but that’s kind of a good thing (because you know how well movie versions of books usually go). I’ve also been doing an ass load of studying — programming and math stuff, among other unspoken things.

Anyhow, I have about a million other things I could probably write about but rather than going on till infinity, I’ll just end with a picture of Ren sleeping with his face pressed up against an elephant’s butt:

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