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Just finished up with our fit gig at Yotsuya Outbreak yesterday. It was a really fun show, but mainly because I was really, really drunk. We did sound check and Masato and I went and got a few beers at a family restaurant. Went back to meet with the staff before opening and then went out again and had a few 50 yen highballs at this izakaya down the road (so cheap!). Had a couple more beers before getting on stage, had a beer on stage, and had a good few more beers after. And had another at the ramen place afterwards. Too much I say. Too much.

Today was the princess’ birthday and we partied hard. She played with some neighborhood friends in the morning, went to an anpanman show, played with some more friends afterwards, did the present opening thing, then we went to TGI Fridays and she got ice cream and everyone sang her happy birthday. Then had cake after we got home, which she rubbed all over her brother’s face.

And I got introduced to some good new music:

Wax, who has some crazy good freestyles:


And some Israeli punk from Useless ID:

All in all it has been a good weekend.

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