Undoukai translates to something like “sports day” in English. In simplest terms, it’s a school event in which all the parents come and watch the kids participate in various events like relays, races, dancing, etc.

The princess had one recently so we all went out for the day to watch and take part.

It was actually forecast to rain that day (and had been pouring for the day or so before), and everyone was a bit worried because the “back-up plan” was to have the event in the auditorium — which probably would have been totally impossible in practice. Apparently, this school has never been rained on in all it’s history, and people have just gotten used to the idea that it wont.

And it didn’t.

The undokai at the princess’ school is apparently rather rare in that it runs almost a full day. Most only run through the morning from what I am told. Apparently, they put some arm muscle into it. Which means everyone has to break out the bento’s somewhere in the middle.

It was good fun though. And it only took me over a month to post about it.

2 thoughts on “Undoukai

  1. え、今頃運動会?・・・と思いきや、1ヶ月前でしたか。

    • はは、そうなんだ。じゃ、どうぞ使ってください(笑)。おもちゃの車があったので蓮は平気だったよ。どう、そっち?外国での生活楽しんでいる?

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