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I got the results for my health check today and essentially, they said I’m a fat ass. I’ve gained around 4 kg since my last check up, putting my BMI in the not-so-good range. Note however that my last checkup was after I had stopped smoking, and I had already gained a good few kg before that. I remember joking that I was trading lung cancer for heart disease, but apparently, that pretty much sums it up.

Two thoughts:

  • I need to weigh myself more regularly (including body fat percentage) to get some kind of measure if the exercise I’ve been doing lately is helping at all, or if I still need to do something more
  • If I do need something more, I have no clue what the hell that’s going to be. The only thing I can think of is making more alterations to my diet, but in honesty, I’m not really an over-eater so much now, and I don’t agree with diets — anything that’s temporary is exactly that: temporary.
By the way, it scared the crap out of me because it looked like the hepatitis B check was showing up positive but it was actually just a detection of HBs antibodies, meaning I’m vaccinated against it — which I am, because I was around hepatitis patients quite a lot when I worked at the hospital back during high school and I was always getting a crazy amount of vaccinations to work there.

When I first saw the result I got all frustrated about being in Japan again cause I couldn’t really understand the hepatitis report and it looked scary and what not, but when I sat down  with the intention of translating it tonight, I realised that I actually did understand it all (excluding the word antigen — which I don’t even know in English). I just had no clue what having a positive result of HBs antibodies implied.

This actually frustrates me even more, but it’s really hard to explain why. It’s like, reading/speaking in Japanese will always take more effort than doing so in my native language, but I’m just capable enough that I can’t complain or use it as an excuse. And people treat me that way as well — but the fact does remain that I have to constantly put more effort into things, and that I’m swinging with a disadvantage — which is a completely stupid way to think in someways because i’m fucking bilingual — that’s not a disadvantage, but I still catch myself feeling like it is.

Make any sense?

4 thoughts on “Health Check

  1. “I got the results for my health check today and essentially, they said I’m a fat ass.” LOL, sorry, I giggled a bit.

    When I first met my boyfriend, he was a long time smoker and had a really great (hot) physique. But after he had quit smoking about two years ago, he’s been gaining a considerable amount of weight. Yeah. I don’t know, I hope this is just blessing in disguise or something. Lolz.

    I don’t think I follow on your last two paragraphs to be honest. It sounds like since your second language is Japanese, so you weren’t able to fully understand what was written in the hepatitis report. The ambiguity of what it could all mean makes it scary. But then later you said you understood it all, so I don’t know, man.

    • One thing about smoking is that it is great for your metabolism. I was told by a doctor here that for a moderate smoker, your body burns on average around 250 calories a day more than a non-smoker. That plus, you never eat out of boredom or stress. You smoke of course instead.

      So yeah, I’ve put on a crap load of weight (laugh). I’m trying to consider it a good thing though because it has got me exercising and doing sports some now.

      As for the last two paragraphs, I don’t really get it either, so no worries 🙂

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