Back in Tokyo

We just got back in and as always, we had way too much luggage from Christmas so we ended up shipping most of it from the airport to our house. It wasn’t horrible though: 2 large boxes, 1 medium box, and a large suitcase, probably weighing around a total of 200 lbs, and we only paid about 6000 Yen for it all (to be delivered tomorrow morning).

Anyhow, Tokyo is cold and thus also is our house (no central heating), but we are in the progress of warming everything up. And I got work tomorrow so I’m going to grab a shower and try to get some sleep. I got close to none on the plane so it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.

By the way, I’m still a bit amazed that I managed to read 25 books last year. I read too much I think. I already went through two books on the flight back home as well, but mainly because it was one of those shitty old planes with no TVs in the seat heads.

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