A Week of Meals

I went to take the kids out to play at an indoor playroom and somehow ended up buying two studio monitors:

My brain is subconsciously forcing me to build a home studio one piece at a time without me knowing it apparently.

Speaking of crazy, I’ve been thinking I want to eat better, so somewhere between determining my daily caloric intake, the ideal balance between protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and looking at different eating patterns and whatnot, I came up with the ridiculous idea to attempt making a week worth of healthy lunches for myself.

First three different flavors of baked chicken:

An ass-load of sauteed mushrooms:

Boiled some carrots (and invisible celery):

And being that I was enjoying my manic episode, I ended up making a pot of gnocchi (high carbs, I know, but whatever) and played around with creating a really low calorie tomato-based sauce for it:

Then Tupperware! I had been reading that splitting up meals is one way to help with your metabolism. Being that I eat somewhat early at work (because of market hours), and I always get hungry and snack in the afternoon, I decided to try splitting my “lunch” up into two meals.

I calculated the ideal meal for me to be a little over 500 calories (since I’m trying to do some cutting), which gave me a goal of around 250 calories per “meal.” Unfortunately though, I ended up having no where close to the amount of calories I needed so I’m improvising by adding either a scoop of cottage cheese or a cup of yogurt to each of these containers — which seems like quite a decent amount of food actually.

Here are the things that I would have done in retrospect:

  • More celery. I stretched it and made two servings out of one stalk but it could have even been one to be honest. And you can eat like a fucking garbage bag of the stuff and still not get to 250 calories (it’s around .18 calories per gram).
  • More vegetables in general. I had enough for one per “meal” but ideally I should have two (and I could still add them to what I have now without going over 250 calories). Maybe paprika or something? Cucumbers?
  • I need some other decently low calorie “main portion.” Basically all I have is different flavors of baked chicken and gnocchi, which may work for a week, but I know I would get sick of it soon.

And some random thoughts:

  • It took me 3-4 hours to make all this shit which is totally not maintainable on a regular basis. I’m also dreading having to wash all the dishes.
  • When you eat the right stuff, you can eat a hell of a lot of it.
  • Vegetables are like magic.

5 thoughts on “A Week of Meals

  1. HAHA This is an awesome post. I like the random things you’ve learned. Spending 3-4 hours is a freaking long time. I could not do this. However, you’re probably saving time if you were to cook yourself something every day for lunch. Plus, this way you’re eating “healthy.” This is a great idea though… I wish I could do it, but I won’t even attempt to. Doesn’t it feel good to have your meals set for the week? Awesome on pulling through on this!

    • It was pretty fun actually but yeah, I seriously doubt I would have the ability to spend 3-4 hours a weekend making all this food. The real test however, is this week when I go to eat it!

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