Annual Haircut

My spell checker was doing it’s best to change the title of this post to “Anal Haircut.” Not really what I was going after but granted, my hits to this website would probably increase significantly overnight.

So yeah, I finally got around to getting my hair cut. I couldn’t decide if I wanted it short or long so I just said screw it, kept the front longish and cut the back real short, and now I just look like an asshole (hence the before mentioned mistake by my spell checker — it was just trying to be helpful). In all seriousness though, it’s a bit different than what I usually do and I kind of like that. Change is always good. You know, that is when it isn’t horrible.

So I did the healthy thing today and walked to the hairdressers rather than taking the train (while smoking). I also brought my little camera along and took some pictures to keep me entertained. I kinda like these:

In princess news, we picked her up this cute not-yukata today. I say “not-yukata” because when I called it a yukata, the wifey was quick to point out it is actually a some-word-I-forgot because it’s not one piece; it has pants and a top. Ah, there it is, it’s called a jinbei. So there you go.

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