Throw Together

I can feel the whole diet/exercise thing slowly losing momentum this week. Just kind of getting bored with it all after two months I suppose. I’m currently 7.6 kg down in under two months believe it or not, but I still have about 2 kg more towards my target. It’s just a hell of a lot harder to lose now that I have lost so much already and my body has woken up to what’s going down.

Anyhow, I didn’t manage to make time to make lunches this weekend so I’ve been kind of winging it a a bit. I threw together the last two days of this week tonight by making two salads, a tiny amount of chicken, and some throw together prepared stuff like a microwavable chicken patty and yogurt.

I plan to go bouldering tomorrow after a two week hiatus which I am rather looking forward to. I also managed to run another 10k last weekend, but it was just as hard as the first time I did it (but my pace was actually pretty decent). While my diet has kind of been in a slump though, the other activities in my life have been good — been making a lot of progress with multiple projects. Even managed a little family time this week. I think I want to make my next week to be more about balance — trying to get both health and productivity in.

Anyhow, got another early morning tomorrow so I’m going to head in. Till next time.

6 thoughts on “Throw Together

  1. Tell me about it! After a month or two my body is like “oh, this old song and dance? BORING!” it’s hard to stick with it but I plan on living on the beach this summer, so, y’know. Determination and etc.

  2. It good to change up the routine every now and then. I’m sure bouldering and the running distances shake things up a bit. Awesome job on losing some kgs!

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