I have a lot of notes I keep in text files on my PC, but I tend to want to access these from multiple locations and have never found a decent way to do it. The immediate thought that came to mind was to setup a wiki site of sorts, but that got me thinking: wouldn’t it be interesting to have a self-organizing wiki of sorts that takes random notes as input and intelligently creates it’s own indexes, formats your crap, and produces output intelligently based on various search methods? I’ve been kind of on a tear-it-down-to-basics mentality kick these days so I took my initial thought and stripped it down to “post shit online and have it saved somewhere.” So I slammed together something tonight in php that essentially does this.

Basically, I put together a simple html text area that does a html post to itself:


This executes a php script in the same file to write the data down to a file on the server with a name in the format of yyyymmddhhss[microsec]:


The whole thing is under 20 lines of code.

I’ve been kind of enjoying these micro projects lately — I’m not sure why.

Hip Hop and Drums

I think I’ve always been drawn to hip hop because I play drums. Not because of the beats or anything (because they are normally not that exciting). More because of the percussive nature of the vocals and the songs in general. In a lot of ways it’s like a drum line. Rhythm main. Whatever.

One thing I learned from listening to a lot of rap (especially freestyle) is that the technicalities (like rhyme for example) are actually secondary to flow. But still a lot of drummers (including myself) approach drumming technically — which is kind of a shame in a lot of ways. It’s funny when I think about it: some of the most interesting stuff I have played has been the most simple and subtle, and was usually a result of forming the songs from jams in the studio as opposed to thinking it up. But when I am trying to consciously form new beats for whatever reason, I also do so from the technicalities, and I can’t help but feel I’m really tying myself down that way. Maybe what would be better would be to mold the flow, and then let my hands and feet catch up. I get the feeling if I did so it could produce some interesting results.

Anyways, just random pondering at the studio as I wait for the guys to come. The other random pondering is I could use some beer. Badly.

Sichuan Style Tofu with Mushrooms

Been trying to find some new healthy recipes and gave this one a shot:

It’s pretty easy: stir-fry garlic and scallions quickly in canola oil, add mushrooms and continue for a min. Then put that aside, cook tofu cubes in another pan for about three mins, and then pour in the vegetables, add a scoop of Sichuan Sauce (I used ten men jyan) stir-fry for another minute, and voila.

The taste is… well, it’s decent and I would eat it myself but it’s probably nothing I would set out to impress my friends with for example. “Not bad,” is probably the best way to put it.

As for calories and portion size:

Using a 300g block of tofu, 100g of mushrooms, and about 8 scallions,┬áit came out to be around 2 decent sized servings at around 520 calories — which means about 260 calories a serving which is very low! It’s also vegetarian I guess if you’re into that sort of thing.


It’s New Year’s Day and I’m in the US with my family. We have been here since Christmas and will be heading back to Tokyo in about a week. It’s a nice long vacation — and rather needed to be honest.

I’ve never really been one for New Years resolutions but I do have a lot of things I would like to work on this year: music, programming projects, etc. it’s just a matter of getting them out of my head and into action I suppose, which is always the hard part.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a happy new year and here is wishing everyone a prosperous 2014!


We bought a new sofa:

We had our last one for pretty much as long as I have been in Japan (over 10 years). It was worn ragged, holes and stains everywhere from the wear and tear of life (i.e. primarily kids), and yeah, it had just met it’s day. So we graduated from our love seat to an actual sofa, being we now have a house that can contain it. We also bought this online, believe it or not, which is a major new thing for us. Really affordable and I find it rather comfy.

On a totally unrelated note, the kids didn’t have school today so they went out to Odaiba to play. Anna ended up going to some “trick art” place with a friend and our camera is full of pictures like the following:

I have no clue what is going on in half of them but it gave me a good laugh.

Shared Experiences

I was walking with my family down the boardwalk near our house the other day when I casually spotted this large staircase with the side made out of long, horizontal, wood boards. About a year or so back when we were walking past, for some reason I got it in my head to climb up it, and before long I was helping my son and daughter at it as well. We probably spent a good 30 min to an hour playing on it I think.

Anyhow, it was one of those rather random, spontaneous, happy memories that I couldn’t help but recall as we walked past the other day. Just then, my daughter grabbed my hand and said “dad, remember when we climbed up that?”

Apparently she remembered it too.

It’s funny how that one memory stood out for both of us — and interesting how we both recalled it in the same manner at the same time. The more excitable, less logical side of me likes to be entertained with the idea that we have some sort of special father/daughter mental connection, but in a lot of ways, that’s not such an illogical explanation: we are connected through that shared experience (among many others), and the collection of those experiences is what ultimately makes up our relationship.

No wories though, my intentions aren’t to attempt some profound declaration on the truths of life. It was just one of those little moments that made me happy, spawned from another random little happy moment, and I just felt like writing it down so maybe if in lucky, I’ll get one more out of it later down the road. We shall see.

Pepperoni Cauliflower Casserole

Ok, this is about the weirdest dish I have ever tried: pepperoni cauliflower casserole. It was actually pretty decent, but if I were to do it again, I would leave off the cheese and pepperoni on top (there is still some pepperoni ground up in the cauliflower puree), and skip the whole oven stage. I think the inside tasted good enough as it was without all the other junk. Kind of like a weird sort of mashed potatoes.

Today is a holiday in Japan and we also have a wussy typhoon hanging around. I gave the kids their first drum lessons, reserved a rent-a-car for our upcoming weekend trip to Karuizawa, and am about to go look for a new sofa, as ours is currently falling apart.

I also slept like 12 hours last night, so maybe I have caught up from the week before finally.


Ooooh, this looks fantastic!


I’m rather liking Em’s new single, especially the hook. It’s different, but I like the direction better then Relapse and Recovery.