VREd is an educational content creation framework for VR. It has been designed to help educators build VR content quickly and
affordably, sidestepping costs of developing costly rigged meshes through the use of traditional media sources.


Technical Preview:

Walkthrough Demonstration:



VR Lectures (Donwloads):

VREd 1.0.0 (Windows 64-bit) [HTC Vive]
VREd 1.0.0 (Android) [Google Cardboard]


VREd's construct is a modified, VR enabled version of Alex Gomersall's "Old Library" environment.
Unreal material chroma key technique based off a method by Ryan Brucks (Principal Technical Artist, Epic Games).
Trailer background music from

Revision History:

07/05/2017: Initial protptype.
07/31/2017: Added android lecture.

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